Walnut Wood Serving Tray

Walnut Wood Serving Tray From China Manufacturer

  • Product Description
  • Measures samll:Dia25*2cmH
  • middle:Dia30*2cmH
  • big:Dia35*2cmH
  • Beautiful Black Walnut

Product Details


Product Description
Measures samll:Dia25*2cm



Beautiful Black Walnut

Reversible With Side Grips

Made in China

This unique cutting board is made from American Black Walnut that showcases complex brown and black highlights via the edge grain construction.

At samll:dia25*2cm;middle:dia30*2cm;big:dia35*2cm in size, these round service tray, slicing, and mincing needs.

Flip this tray over to take advantage of its reversible holding food surface, while inset hand grips assist in transferring this tray  to and from the kitchen.

Be sure to regularly oil and maintain your block with Boos Mystery Oil to improve longevity and finish. Clean with mild soap, water, and a damp cloth.

Walnut Wood Serving Tray

Walnut Wood Serving Tray